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STAGE 1 (estimate)

Come in for your free estimate so you’ll know what the extent of the damage is before you commit to any repairs. We’ll explain the necessary repairs in terms your grandmother would understand.

STAGE 2 (authorization)

After the estimate we’ll need a signed work order authorization to begin repairs. Leave the rest to us. If there’s an insurance claim, we’ll keep you and your insurer informed throughout the repairs.

STAGE 3 (repair stage)

After ordering and receiving the necessary parts, Our highly trained technicians use state-of-the art tools, technology, and skill to care for your vehicle. We dissassemble the damaged areas, then repair, reassemble, and paint your vehicle to be as good as pre-accident condition. 

STAGE 4 (quality control)

When your repairs are complete our quality control staff inspect repaired areas and confirm your vehicle is clean and ready for the road. If any mechanical repairs were necessary, they'll take a test drive and confirm your car or truck is ready for the road. 

STAGE 5 (pick-up)

You'll be notified in advance when your vehicle will be ready for pick up. After you arrive, our professionals will go over the repairs with you again to insure you are satisfied or we'll make it right. When you drive away, you'll take your vehicle and a limited lifetime guarantee so that you can rest assured that there is no lasting problem because of the accident. 



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